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Exo (Latin) : External, from outside. Example: exoskeleton, a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals.

Just like the exoskeleton protects the body of the beetle, externalizing your recruitment process might just protect your business. We know that recruiting is not easy. It takes time, money, and skills.

The same way businesses outsource their accounting or legal functions, outsourcing your recruitment is a safe way to go.

XO recruitment was born out of of the need to bring something different to the industry. After losing her job due to Covid, Chloe realized that there was an opportunity in the market to provide the same service delivered by big agencies, for the price of a one-woman band. Few litres of elbow grease and rolls of #8 wire later, XO was born.

Why us? Because we do what the big agencies do, for a fraction of the price. We are set-up just the same, but with very little overhead. In other words, more bangs for your bucks! Cherry on top, you get a consultant with over 10 years of recruitment expertise, so you can be sure of the quality of the service.

So what do we do? We specialize in recruiting STEM professionals (Science, Technical, Engineering and Maths), on a temporary and permanent basis, across the country. With a passion for IT and Engineering and years of experience in those fields to back it up. Simple!


Employers: Looking for your next full-time hire, or trying to finish a project within deadlines? Job-Seekers: On the market for a new challenge, or your next contract? We can help!


We are IT recruitment specialists. We have been for 3 years, and are passionate about the industry. That way, you are guaranteed that we understand the market, and the requirements.


Well, we’re cheating a bit on this one … Born and bred French, but adopted Kiwi and established in Christchurch since 2012.

I highly recommend Chloe. She has a very energetic personality and pays attention to detail. She spent time getting to know our requirements, matched suitable candidates and was very professional in organising interviews and coordination from start to end. Very happy.

Chloe is a highly qualified recruiting professional with excellent communication & administrative skills, and the expertise to securely match the right candidates skillset with the right position., Very energetic, helpful and well organised through the process. I highly recommend Chloe.

Chloe was very proactive in helping me find a new role, from our initial contact she quickly organised a fact-to-face meeting where she had already narrowed down the roles that would be suitable for my skillset. From there she quickly saw a fit for me within a role and got me in for an interview.

Through the whole process she was very accessible and helpful. Taking over the negotiations with the employer, and providing answers to any questions I had about the role. Thank you, Chloe!

Who are we?

Chloe Piper


With 10 years of experience in recruitment in different countries, 2 years as internal recruitment and 8 years agency recruitment, Chloe has earned her stripes in the industry.

Originally from France, she first moved to New Caledonia for 2 years working as an HR on a mining site. She then moved to Christchurch on a Working Holiday visa, fell in love with the country, and 8 years later became a citizen.

Chloe has been recruiting in Christchurch for 8 years, initially in construction, and moved to the IT sector 3 years ago.

Passionate about helping people achieve their goals in life, Chloe takes a very consultative approach to recruitment: it’s all about the relationship. Not here to make square pegs fit into round holes, Chloe calls herself a matchmaker: understanding the requirements extensively and make them match, is key to success.

After working for 2 major international agencies, Chloe decided to open her own agency, bringing affordable yet Ivy-League-quality recruitment services.

Outside of work, Chloe is passionate about fitness, teaching group fitness classes at Les Mills, boxing or hiking around her home in North Canterbury.


Cuddles Expert & Professional Ball Chaser

Let’s face it, Jade can’t do much. Apart from pestering her humans when they are working from home asking for attention, she doesn’t bring much to the table.

Good thing she’s cute.